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‘A small time in his company will leave you wanting more, the sign of a good comedian’  Comedy Central

‘rib-ticklingly, side splittingly hilarious. He’s one of the UK’s finest 

comedians’  Metro

‘One of Wales’ finest comic exports’  Metro

'One of Britains best stand up performers' –  Fest

'A rising star' -  The Sunday Times

'The prodigy' –  Independent

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'Stand up as slick as an oil spill'  The List

'A natural storyteller' -  The Scotsman

'A gifted banterer' -  The Scotsman

'deftly surreal, imaginative' -  The Scotsman

'one of the UK's finest comedians' –  WalesOnline

'A must see comic' -  One4review

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‘Williams is emerging as a master’ –  The Scotsman

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'Innovative, go see!' –  Chortle

‘A comedian with no obvious weakness, catch him now while he’s still

relatively unknown’ –  The Herald

‘Astoundingly hilarious…this bloke deserves praise like the best of them’  

Three Weeks

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‘Seriously recommended viewing, immerse yourself in his world’  

Manchester City Life Magazine

‘The star of the show and a treat to behold. Sheer brilliance.’  

Manchester Evening News

‘Sheer Brilliance’. –  Manchester Evening News

“It’s not often I laugh so hard that I snort like a pig, but I did in Steve 

Williams’ show” Chortle

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Sold Out!!!

‘Williams presents a very slick show.’  Metro

‘Hilarious, shining through’. Three Weeks

"Deservedly Good"  The Western Mail

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"Scores real laughs with sharp improv" -  The Scotsman .

"Very special, completely spontaneous lunacy. Tears were universal" -  East Magazine .

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"Every minute provided a digestible chunk of sheer hilarity. His natural talent threw the crowd into a frenzy, resulting in a night of laugh-out-loud comedy. This distinctive night of comic entertainment will be ingrained in the minds of those who went for some time.  Huddersfield Daily Examiner

“Steve Williams has proven his lauders correct and come of age as one of Britain’s best stand-up performers…effortless audience interaction, inventive and adaptable use of his material and some of the best natural improvisation you will see at the Fringe this year…an hour filled with a constant torrent of laughter.”

Chris Williams, Fest

“It’s not often I laugh so hard that I snort like a pig. But I did in Steve William’s show… if you are any sort of comedy fan, you should see this show… There are some one-liners and asides that I am still quoting three days later.”

Rosie Carnahan, Chortle

”The star of the show tonight was Williams – a treat to behold. His inventive material and banter with the audience blended effortlessly and seamlessly. Sheer Brilliance.”

Manchester Evening News.

“Immerse yourself in his world” -

“Enjoyable and entertaining”. -  Time Out Magazine .

“Deservedly Good”

The Western Mail

“Seriously recommended viewing”

Manchester City Life Magazine

“Effortless and effective delivery”


“A consistent highlight of the live circuit, Steve Williams might have broken into the comedy mainstream this Fringe… A comedian with no obvious weaknesses, catch Williams now, while he's still relatively unknown.”

Jay Richardson, The Herald

“His affable manner and skill at ad-libbing encourages audience contributions and Williams generously indulges them, his arcane knowledge and impressive capacity for regional accents creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels in on the joke… Yet alongside these more surreal episodes, he delivers acutely resonating moments of everyday observation. A likeable jack of so many comedy trades, Williams is emerging as a master of them all.”

The Scotsman

“If you like your stand-up as slick as an oil spill, then Mr. Williams

is set to present another polished performance.”

The Lis t

“Williams continues to be one of the best all-round performers on the stand-up circuit.”

Edinburgh Festivals

“Williams presents a very slick show.”

Eddie Harrison, Metro

“From his entrance ‘til he finished nearly an hour later this genial Welshman had the crowd with him all the way… Williams is a great raconteur, relating a myriad of funny stories and is more than adept with his accents as well. Stories about swearing and its derivation and a geographical league table are both informative and laugh out loud funny… make a space in your schedule for Williams the Joker because you’ll regret it if you don’t.”


“Steve Williams is one of the more endearing comics the Fringe has to offer.”

Zofia Niemtus, Metro

“A consistent highlight of the live circuit, Steve Williams might have broken into the comedy mainstream this Fringe…A comedian with no obvious weakness, catch Williams now, while he’s still relatively unknown.”

The Herald

“If you’re tired of comics trying to be too clever with their crazy

concepts, a shot of old school Williams might do the trick.”

Brian Donaldson, The List

A Gert Lush Christmas - Written by Russell Howard & Steve Williams

- TV Times

- The Mail onSunday, Event

- Mike Mulvihill, The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday - Boyd Hilton, Heat

"A real delight" - TV Choice

"Cracking festive family sitcom" - TV & Satellite Week

"It's Meet The Parents, British style" - Mail on Sunday, Event

"very funny, hour-long, one-off comedy created by and starring Russell Howard… a fine example of the Christmas Comedy Special form"- Boyd Hilton, Heat

"Warm-hearted comedy drama"- Mike Mulvihill, The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday

"with a stacked supporting cast… it's a carefully calibrated extension of the successful Howard brand"

The Guardian, The Guide

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